Friday, October 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday - Things I Haven't Posted


Alright, y'all. I know it, I'm a terrible blogger. I have not been true to you. I even had only one child this whole week and have spent the time chasing the other child, planning, cleaning, and going to Co-op, so I have not posted. As an apology and in effort to keep a reader or two, I will post on all three blogs today. Thanks for hosting Quick Takes, Jen, y'all head over there when you finish with me.


This was last night's white rice fried in veggie oil with onions, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and kosher salt. The largest expense here would probably be the lime juice. I'd recommend buying limes to save money but the juice in large quantities to save time. It really depends on your kid situation. When my kids are grown, I'll buy limes. We had this for dinner last night with the enchiladas below. My husband and I didn't get much of the rice, since my one year old daughter loved it so much and ate most of it before the sposo got home.

Sorry for the TERRIBLE picture here. I suddenly realized that I ought to be taking a picture, as I had enough stuffing left for one enchilada. These enchiladas were great and cheaper than the pork ones I made. I just used some leftover taco meat and added in fresh ground beef after sauteeing an onion, a clove of garlic, a jalapeno and a half of a green pepper (both from the garden!) in about a tablespoon on butter. Then I tossed in about 2 tablespoons of sour cream to make it more liquidy and about a cup and a half or so of shredded cheddar. I tossed them into warmed up corn tortillas, like before, and covered them in some Old El Paso enchilada sauce. I know. I could make home made sauce. I just have not yet discovered a recipe for ancho sauce/enchilada sauce anywhere near as good as Texas. As Larry's. You know, on the bridge in Richmond? Oh, how I would love to make their sauce. Alas.


Spaghetti with tomato sauce, well seasoned from the garden (basil and oregano from garden) with a hearty-sized garlic clove and butter cooked spinach greens in there somewhere. Super cheap sans meat and the kids looooove it. With even more o's, but I don't want to annoy you.


I made this cake for the first time last Michaelmas (Sept. 29). It came from Catholic Cuisine, one of my favorite websites for Saint Day food ideas. This delicious apple cake is now a tradition. Two years in a row! Not pictured is the fantastic caramel glaze, but you can see that at my other blog on last year's cake.


See that foam standing up on its own? Yum. If you have an espresso machine, I suggest that you let the milk warm on the counter in your steam cup for five to ten minutes (ten better) to get better foam. Just on the counter, don't cook it.  In Italy, when I worked at the capp bar on campus, the milk wasn't even refrigerated. It was boxed milk kept in the closet. Wild, eh?


This is PW's chicken fried steak with our own garden green beans (we didn't get many) and my very own heavy butter and creamed mashed sweet taters. So delish. The steak was very time consuming and hands on, but the result was worth it, and if you can catch the meat on sale, it's cheap. You have all of the ingredients, save the steak, on hand already. Promise.


This was some really awesome pizza my husband made. That's bbq sauce swirled on top of the green peppers, cheese, banana peppers, and jalapenos. (last two garden) The only problem is the cheese. Cheese is super expensive. I'm in search of an alternate cheese that tastes as good as mozzarella. I bought some super cheap store brand mozz, but it stayed hard after melting. It tasted kinda papery. Yuck. Let me know if you find the awesome and inexpensive cheese. Or should I just buy that at Sam's? I haven't before, but mayhaps...can you freeze cheese?


I was planning on entering a contest with this roast, but I didn't get a picture of it after it was done. Super delicious. I got the roast on sale at Bottom Dollar for like $3 for a good 2 1/2 pounds. Sweet. There's freshly chopped celery, potatoes, and carrots, basil, rosemary, and oregano from the garden, and chicken broth (only about a cup), water, lemon juice, a tiny bit of soy and a couple of decent squirts worth of Worchestershire sauce. Also, of course, kosher (my new love) salt and about ten peppercorns and three bay leaves. 

and one to grow on 

Farfalle pasta with "pestish" - that means it was supposed to be pesto, but I failed. I put a bunch of basil, parm, lemon juice, garlic, and salt in, but too much cheese and NO PINE NUTS! What in the world was going through my mind!? Anyhow. It was still okay, but really needed the pine nuts and ... olive oil. I used butter and it was too thick, as you can see, tons of the noodles were dry. Sad times. Ah well. I promise to post again in the next week. No idea topic, but I will not leave you high and dry. 




  1. Everything looks delicious - I should have eaten something before reading this blog post, because now I'm ravenous! I may need to make that apple cake immediately.

  2. We freeze cheese but sometimes it changes the texture. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Check this out: It looks like you can freeze mozzarella. From experience, don't freeze marbled cheese (like colby-jack) because it will separate and become cheese crumbles... which I guess is okay, if that's what you want. Sorry, I'm rambling....
    -Jeanne G.

  3. This all looks very yummy. I'll take some pizza please! So glad you are back (says the girl who hasn't blogged in months)!

  4. You can totally freeze cheese, especially cheddar and mozzarella (not the fresh kind though). Buying the big block at Costco is the equivalent to 4 8 oz bags for less than half the price. You can grate it with a food processor and then freeze it in bags of 8 oz, just like the Kraft kind!