Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Made Donuts

Hello! It has been quite a while, yes. So sorry about that. We have been in and out of town all summer, and I have been spending a lot of time on miscellaneous, shall we say "projects" in our home. The biggest project is preparation for our first year of for-real homeschooling. Our son begins Kindergarten this year, and I have had a super crazy amount of planning to do. Enough chatter. Let's make some batter.

Ingredients & Prices

1 Tube of 8 Homestyle Biscuits - $0.85 
3 1/4 Cups Vegetable Oil - $0.92
Seasonings of Choice - misc. 
1/4 Cup Confectioner's Sugar - $0.12
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar - $0.14
1 Tbsp Cinnamon - $0.06
You'll also need a 3qt Saucepan (or similar), a small circle cookie cutter (or the top to a beverage shaker), a large spoon or tongs (for flipping donuts), and something to lay them on to cool - wax paper or paper plates or towels. You'll also need either plastic bags or large bowls.

Total Cost for 8 Donuts and 8 Donut Holes - $2.09


I had no idea where the camera was during the making part, and I didn't want to stop watching my son do all this fun stuff, so I didn't bother to search. Let me tell you, though, your kids will love this. My five year old did it almost all by himself. 

While opening up the can and cutting the holes in the center with some kind of ringed instrument, heat up the oil in the pot at medium high heat. Also, put on your coffee, now, as you want to drink coffee with these. Yum.

Test the oil by pulling off a piece of dough from one of the holes and dropping it in. If it sizzles, it's ready. Put about 2 donuts and 1 hole in at a time. Keep an eye out, they cook really fast, especially the further along you get. You'll cook the first few for about a minute on each side, the later ones can take as little as 20 seconds per side. Yes, your five year old can do this. He can even take them out with the tongs, at least the holes.  

When cooked, let the donuts cool on wax paper or some such.

Sorry for the blurriness. It's the best my camera can do.

Fill one large plastic bag or bowl with the confectioner's sugar. Do the same with another. When the donuts are cool enough to touch (not cold), drop one into the sugar, hold closed and shake. Eat immediately, unless you are a child, then wait until Mama says it's ok. :) 

I have wonderful memories of my first year of marriage with these deliciousnesses. My husband and I would never actually have any left by the time we were done making them. We just ate them as we went. They are SO good. Enjoy! 

A promise for you. I will, sometime in the next few months, make the dough from scratch, too, so I can drop it on here and give you a price comparison. If you want to compare to Dunkin' Donuts, I think it's pretty obvious we've got a deal here. 

PS - These take maybe 15 minutes to do. That's including the warm up time for the oil. That's less time than it'd take you to drive to the donut shop, stand in line, and come back home. Also, fresher, yummier, and SO much more fun! (Note that I say this as someone who dropped the entire bag of confectioner's sugar on my skirt this morning and had to clean it up from the floor, too. Yep, still fun!)

This kid did all the work. He surely deserved the treat!