Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party Size Lasagna w/ Meat and Sauce

Ok, so I bought Stouffer's brand "12" serving lasagna. It's 5 lb 10 oz. It cost $12.98. We're figuring on 2 meals and a lunch out of it. Let's see how Meal 1 goes, and I'll estimate from that to tell you how much it's gonna be per serving/meal/what not. Cheers! 

Tonight's Meal Total: $13.44 - with 2/3 of the lasagna left and lots of bread to snack on!
We also had enough for lunch for all of us, Mom, Dad, Kiddo, and Baby. Plus, one more lunch serving. We'll have to duke it out to see who gets it! 

Also, I made some boule dough, and we're having a Couronne with the lasagna tonight! YUM! 

Ingredients & Prices of Tonight's Meal

Party Size Pizza (5 lb, 10 oz - "12" Servings) - $12.98

Pretty yummy.


1/4 of Boule Dough in a Big ol' Bowl - $0.46.

oh crazy yummy bread. I have plans to eat it alllllll!

My husband had one piece and I ate the rest so far...
Give me a week or two and I'll make some home-made lasagna similar to this one and let you know the price of that.
Oh. And. YUM!

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