Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Foil Chicken & Veggies

Six years ago, my husband and I got married. We lived with my parents for a few weeks and his brother for another week and my Uncle Joe for another couple of weeks. While at my uncle's house, he and my Aunt Dona made Foil Chicken with carrots and potatoes, and I was astounded at how good it was and how exciting to eat it because it was wrapped in foil and sitting on your plate for you to open and get that yummy steaminess. So yeah, make it. Eat it. Not too expensive. I made way too much chicken here, as the breasts were huge...ahem...but I did it intentionally, that another night this week I could rip up some chicken and fry it up with some rice and such. Yum all over the place.

Ingredients & Prices

3 Large Chicken Breasts  - $4.92
4 Medium Potatoes - $0.31
1/2 Zucchini - $0.44
1/2 Yellow Squash - $0.30
1/3 Pack Sliced Mushrooms - $0.56
1 Tbsp Butter - $0.07
2 Tbsp Olive Oil - $0.22
2/3 Large Yellow Onion - $0.97
3 tsp Oregano - $0.07
Salt & Pepper to Taste - $0.10
3 tsp Parsley - $0.08
Fresh Rosemary Sprigs to Taste - garden - $0.02
Aluminum Foil - $0.15


Roughly chop up all the veggies and lay out 3 large pieces of aluminum foil. 
Place a piece of chicken on a piece of foil. Season and surround with veggies. 

I put the butter with this one. 

Wrap it up tight. I added an extra small piece of foil to be sure.

Repeat with the others. I used butter in the first and olive oil in the second two. I forgot mushrooms in the second and salt and pepper on the first. Oye. 

Bake at 450 degrees for an hour, turning every 10 minutes. 

Eat it up. Yum.

Total Cost of Meal for 2 Adults, 2 Kids & leftover meat for another meal: $8.21

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