Saturday, June 4, 2011

D*******'s Pizza & Salad

Alright, y'all. When I started this blog, I wanted to be honest with y'all. I wanted this to be a tool for you to check prices by. Ok, so is it really cheaper to make your own pizza, order in, or get a frozen? That kind of thing. However, I have been a little shy about my quickie dinners. But I just got home from a long trip, and I want to share a cheap-0h Quickie dinner with y'all. So here goes.

Ingredients & Prices

DiG's Rising Crust Supreme Pizza - $4.97
1/3 Pack Sliced Mushrooms - $0.56

1/5 Head Green Leaf Lettuce - $0.33
1/2 Large Tomato - $0.80
1/3 Pack Sliced Mushrooms - $0.56
Oil, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper as Taste Determines - $0.01-0.30


Preheat the oven to 425 (or follow directions on box). 
Chop up veggies to put on pizza. I do these a bit smaller than for the salad.

Top pizza and bake 20-25 minutes.

Chop up mushrooms - if pre-sliced, quarter the slices. Cut the monstrous tomato in half and then in half, and then holding the two halves of your half, cut it in eighths. Toss that salad.

I like Basalmic Vinegar and Olive Oil. You are welcome to use dressing if you like - though olive oil and basalmic vinegar keep better and longer and are thus much cheaper in the long run. Also, maybe they're better for you? I have no idea. I'm a huge fan of the flavour.

Pop that pizza out of the oven. 

Imperfectly slice it on up.


Total Cost for 2 Adults, 1 Child, 1 Baby (who ate quite a bit of pizza, actually, goodness gracious) with 1 1/2 slices of leftover pizza and a tiny bit of salad that I'm going to eat after I finish writing this: $7.52. 

Is it cheaper than Dominos? Yes.

Is it cheaper than making your own...


It really depends on your ingredients, but if you love your mozzarella like we do...

Yes, this is cheaper. Crazy, right? However, if you need like 10 pizzas, I think that eventually it'd be better to go home made, as you save money in bulk - and dough is just so dang dirt cheap to make. It's the mozz. and the veggies that do you in. 

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  1. Also Dominos is $6/pizza if you buy a multiple of 2.

    Re: the baby. Kids like pizza. All of 'em.

    It's a law of nature.