Thursday, June 16, 2011

3-Layer Gluten-Free Dessert!

We're taking dinner to our friends' house tonight, for a nice visit and to keep them from having to cook with their brand new baby #2! Yea! Plus, we get to meet said Baby #2, Mr. Benny, and hold him and love him and hug him. Okay, enough. Anyhow, the Mama over there is all Gluten-Free, so it's always fun deciding what to cook when they come over. Today, I found something great to make for dinner to take to them (Tacos with Corn Tortillas!) and a pretty fab. dessert, too, if I do say so myself. It's CRAZY simple, too. It will also taste good. Watch. You'll see how yummy when you make it for yourself and you love your gluten.

Ingredients & Prices

4.13 oz Box of Chocolate Instant Pudding - $0.79
2 Cups Cold Milk - $0.42 (for the pudding!)
1 8 oz package Whipped Topping - $0.89
1 lb Fresh or Frozen Berries - (frozen here) - $2.98

Total Cost of Dessert for 4 Adults, 3 kids: $5.08 - Leftovers! 


Make that pudding and let chill.

Layer Thus: 

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Pudding


Chocolate Pudding

Whipped Cream

From the Side: 


Last but not least, make the top pretty w/ some more fruit.


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