Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Things That I Love... Take 2

I love a productive day. Yesterday, I had a productive day. I cleaned house, did the laundry, had a great school day with my son, washed the dishes (twice, or maybe 3 times?), swept the floors, watched 2 episodes of Bones, went to the grocery store, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and was in a good mood...all...day. Rock star. Though I must give credit to my husband and his friend, as they spent the afternoon playing Axis & Allies in the basement - with my four year old helping out. Anyhow, the Tuesday thing that I love today is a fabulous grocery trip.

 I spent $38.72. Here's what I bought:

Apple Jacks (off brand)
Baby Snacks - blueberry puffs
Apple Juice (64 ounces)
A Pound of Penne (for tonight's dinner)
a 6 pack of 1.6 ounce chocolate bars (for $0.98!)
2 cans vienna sausage (snack food yum)
1 bag of Tostitos
1 loaf bread - white by accident
Chicken Breast Tenders (for Thursday's dinner)
1 pound strawberries (snack/breakfast)
4 Tomatoes on the Vine ($2.87) - for tonight's dinner
5 yellow bananas (snack/breakfast) 
3 Roma Tomatoes ($1.00) - for Thursday's dinner
TGIFriday's Buffalo Wings 9 pieces (for last night's dinner - $2.98)
DiGiorno Pizza 1/2 pep., 1/2 cheese (for last night's dinner - $4.97)
16 ounce French Bread (for last night and tonight's dinner - $1.58)
woodcraft kit of firetruck for Stan
2 rolls Bounty Paper towels
40 photo pages for printer (on crazy sale for $1.00)
non-stick cheap-o frying pan for pancakes

The end. Awesome, yes?

Last night's dinner total: $8.72 - fed 2 adults, 1 kid, 1/4 of the pizza left

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