Friday, May 6, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday - Things Worth Buying in Bulk

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We recently joined Sam's Club. It's hard to decide whether we are actually going to save money on said item. When you're buying a 20 pound bag of something, it seems kinda crazy. And yet...unless you have an amazingly cheap grocery store, it's gonna work out.



Okay, I know this isn't food, but lots of y'all that read have kids, so if you don't know it, yet, the $45/year at Sam's club is saved on diapers alone in just a few months. 



Growing up, my mom always had a big popcorn canister full of sugar and a big plastic bin full of flour. These things stacked together made my chair at the table when we had guests over. Lovely happy memories.



Big huge scoop ready to go. My family doesn't drink kool-aid like my family did growing up, but it's great to have the sugar for the baked goods and for people (other than my husband and myself) to put in their coffee.



It's crazy how much cheaper it is to buy rice in bulk. Rice is mostly pretty cheap when you buy it in the store, so you wouldn't expect to be able to save quite so much. You do. You save a lot. The rice at Sam's is less than $1 a pound.



These are great for lunches. They are pretty cheap and you can grab 'em out of the freezer for lunch at the last minute. We currently have a monster box of Chimichangas and Pork Egg Rolls.



You save a ton of money, and you really should always have a ton of olive oil. What are you doing if you don't have a bunch of olive oil, you crazy soul!?



Also not food, but so true. I hate buying laundry detergent, so it's always a relief to buy one big monster container of Tide and have it there for months. Yes, months, and I do lots of laundry. 

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  1. I seriously did run out of olive oil the other week and it was very awkward and distressing. Luckily I still had plenty of butter.