Sunday, May 29, 2011

Road Trip Interesting Foods

Let's not mention the fact that we have eaten at Jack-in-the-Box five times in the past week. That's unnecessary. Let's move on to the cool stuff about Road Trip travel.

Hotels. Hotels! Really, hotels. Whenever we make a big trip, we book our hotel and car rental online at They are awesome - we always get an amazingly good deal - and we stay in nice hotels. Nice hotel means free hot breakfast every morning. And that is where I'm going with this. Last year, we went down to Texas to see a friend take his final vows as a Cistercian, become a Deacon, and baptize our little girl. We stayed at a Comfort Inn & Suites for less than $40 a night. Every morning, we had waffles. Not just waffles. We had TEXAS-SHAPED waffles. Yeah. That's fabulous. This year, we came down to be God parents and just do lots of visiting. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Northwest Highway (ugh! - Thankfully, our son was much too busy with toys and books in the car to notice the Clubs for Gentlemen (harumph) all over the place). Anyhoo, this Fabulous place had a machine called a CakeExpress. Guess what it does. You press the start button, wait a minute, out pops a pancake *plop* right onto your waiting plate, wait a minute, repeat. You get two per button push. They are yummy.

We got some pictures of it for you. I sent my husband in to take them before we left the hotel, and while there, there was a woman on the phone waiting for her pancakes. She was yelling at her travel agent because her flight had been cancelled due to the massive hail storm and tornadoes in Dallas the night before. She wanted her travel agent to tell her what to do next, cause that's what she paid her for. Anyhow, in the midst of her fussing, alas, she did not realize that the button got ya two pancakes...See her plopped pancake on the counter below.

Conclusion: use hotwire and eat great breakfasts. Note also that if a storm with hail the size of small apples cancels your flight, thankfully you can blame your travel agent. (ahem)

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  1. Nice! Can't wait to see the pics! It was wonderful to see you guys... maybe some day we will live closer so our godsiblings can play :)