Friday, May 20, 2011

Bojangles chicken 'n biscuits - Go here. Eat. YUM.


We ate at this amazingly delicious fast food place on our way down to Georgia. 

imgres.jpegWe ate some YUMMY biscuit sandwiches (steak for the Boy, chicken for me and the Husb. - though I think he got the Cajun) and a ridiculously delicious - yes, I laugh as I tell you this - side of mashed potatoes and gravy devoured mostly by me, with a little for the baby and others. 


We also got a quart of their simply smashing home made iced tea (as it was much cheaper than each of us getting a drink).

Lunch for 2 Adults, 1 Kiddo, 1 Baby-roo, no leftovers: $13.28.

Note, that's expensive as my standards go for home-cooked meals, but I don't have a kitchen in the car, sadly. Alas.

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  1. Bojangles is the bomb! and their steak biscuits are to die for - I can't wait to get to the Carolinas Thursday so I can have one for breakfast on Friday morning!