Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tarte à la Banane

So this Sunday I was aiming at a fancier version of the banana cream pie. So, I jumped into Julia, and chose her Tarte aux Fraises (page 641) and used the variation of bananas instead of the strawberries. Actually, I went with the idea of this recipe, and then I took it apart. I made the suggested Pâte Sablée (see last week) with the suggested Crème Pâtissière (page 590-591) and swept over the top with the Gelée de Groseilles (page 594). There were a few choices here and there, so I'll show you what I used and what it cost. I followed her recipes pretty closely, but I just used three of them and put them together. 

Ingredients & Prices

Pâte Sablée

See this page. I did not do so well a job on it this time. I looked a little less at the book while making it, rushing a bit, since we had lovely steaks about to be cooked. I just wanted to get it done, so I could finish up the fries. I didn't take a picture of it, since it looked funny. But here's last week's. It should come up higher, though, like pie crust. In fact, you could reasonably substitute a sweet pie crust for this.

Price: $0.68

Crème Pâtissière (Custard Filling)

1 Cup Sugar - $0.32
5 Egg Yolks - $0.70
1/2 Cup Flour - $0.02
2 Cups Boiling Milk - $0.40
1 Tbsp Butter - $0.07
2 tsp vanilla extract - $0.20
2 Tbsp orange liqueur - $1.29

Price Custard: $3.00

sugar and egg yolks first, then flour - pasty

while you boil the milk - but watch it...don't scald it!
Lots of fast stirring, and close watching.
see those brown flecks? That's the burn-ness. Don't do that.
The custard was difficult. It would have been easy had it my full attention, but I was working on dinner a little bit at the same time, so I scalded the milk a bit and burnt the bottom of the custard.

custard in shell pre-banana & glaze
It still tasted great, though. However, I should have let it cool before serving. In the ice box. For an hour. Oops.

Gelée de Groseilles

Don't worry - you can't burn this. Ok, you could, but you won't.
1/2 Cup Apricot Preserves - $1.33
2 Tbsp Sugar - $0.02

Price Glaze: $1.35

Ta-da! Ok, it could be prettier, but not much.
3 Bananas - $0.79

It's a fancy banana cream pie! It's yummy. It tastes much better cold, though, so be sure to chill it. Eat with tea, coffee, or some white wine!

TOTAL PRICE for this Dessert - fills up a 9" pie pan nicely, I'd say dessert for 8-10 people: $5.82

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