Monday, March 7, 2011

Oeufs Pochès (Poached Eggs) on a Bed of Buttered Spinach

This lunch was so good, it's wrong. I ate it on a Friday, too. I finally understood when eating this what Julie in Julie & Julia meant when she talked about eggs tasting like a yummy butter sauce. Before this experience, I thought she was just kinda crazy and trying to make eggs out to be way better than they are. I even made poached eggs on toast recently for the whole family and still thought they were pretty much not good. This is what you should do with poached eggs. So do it. Now. Really, it's easy. Check out page 116 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. All you need is some vinegar, simmering water, a bowl of cold water, and a bowl of hot water once you're ready to eat.

Ingredients & Prices
Generous Handful of Fresh Spinach - ~$0.87
4 Tbsp Butter - $0.16
2 Fresh Eggs - $0.27
2 Tbsp Vinegar - $0.01
Biscuits of Your Choice (I bought a 10 biscuit canister and ate 5 with my lunch...) - $0.50
Total Cost of 1 Delicious Lunch for 1 Lady: $1.81

Preheat oven & get biscuits baking.

Then put the water and vinegar on to boil (follow Julia's instructions for the eggs). While the water is getting ready, melt the butter in a saucepan. 
Add the generous handful of spinach - probably 2 cups fresh.

Stir until wilted.

Make eggs. I can't take pictures during this part; it's too busy.

In a shallow bowl, layer spinach with eggs on top. These turned out so perfectly. Yuuuuum. No, really. YUM.

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