Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grilled Burgers & Chips

I just grilled my first burgers. Boy was it a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be. And, man, were they good!

Ingredients & Prices

1 Pound Ground Beef - $1.98
1 1/2 tsp Garlic (minced) - $0.09
1 Egg - $0.14
5-7 Ritz Crackers - $0.15
Salt & Pepper to taste - $0.03
4 Buns - $0.55
4 Slices American Cheese - $0.12

3 Small Yellow Onions - $0.15
3 Tbsp Olive Oil - $0.33
1 Roma Tomato - $0.34
1/8 Head Lettuce - $0.20
1 Jalapeno - $0.15 (for husband again)
8 or so Pickles - $0.20

3 lbs Charcoal - $3.12 (we got a 6.3 pounder for 6.24 including tax and used half.)
I do not usually include the price of the gas used while cooking on my stove or in my oven. However, the price of gas used then is much lower than this. I think this should be taken into account as part of the total price.

1 Bag Chips (We didn't eat them all...of course!)  - $1.88 - We ONLY buy chips that are on sale unless it is a special occasion or somebody's coming over. Our fabulous grocery store always has some kind of chips on sale for $1.88. Why that price? Who knows. We probably only ate about 1/3 of the bag, so I'll count this as: $0.63.


First you mix all the burger stuff together. 

It should be pretty uniform. Then separate into four patties, about 1/4 pound each.

Slice the tomatoes and separate the lettuce. Chop up some onions - size up to you. I wish I'd had some mushrooms. If you do, chop them up, too. Saute the onions in the olive oil.

Set all your sides aside or place on table. 

Look at those onions. You could just spoon 'em straight into your mouth...

Start your grill. Stack up your briquettes in a nice neat lil' pile. (oh, wipe off the grill with some olive oil, too)

I had easy light charcoal.
Easy light charcoal kinda scares me, so I got a big long piece of newspaper and lit it and waited to see if it really lit right up. It did. Nice. 

Once your coals are white hot and the flames aren't too high anymore, throw on your burgers. 

I closed it for a bit. Then I flipped 'em.

Top 'em with the sliced cheese when they are almost ready to take off. This takes pretty much no time.

I like grilled buns, too, so I put those on for a minute. 

Take 'em off and go yummy.

I couldn't let the fire go to waste, so I grabbed some pork chops and stuck 'em on there, too. They look pretty good. I think I'll make some pork fried rice tomorrow for us to eat for lunch on Monday & Tuesday. Or something. 

Total Cost of 4 Burgers (husband had 1 1/2, kid had 1, I had 1 - could have eaten another) enough for 2 Adults, 1 Child - $8.18

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