Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fish Stick Tacos

If you've been reading this the last few days, you know that I was not at all thrilled about tonight's dinner. That's good, though, since it is Ash Wednesday, after all. A day of fasting followed by a non-exciting dinner was totally the way to go, and I know that tomorrow, I'll really appreciate it.

Ingredients & Prices

18 Fish Sticks - $3.98
1/2 Bag Frozen French Fries - $0.50
9 Taco Shells - $1.13
1 Avocado - $0.88
1 Tomato - $0.34
1 Lemon - $0.41
3 Tbsp Fresh Cilantro - $0.10
1/8 Head Lettuce - $0.20
Salsa to taste - $0.25
Ketchup & Mustard to Taste - $0.15

Total Cost for 3 Adults, 1 Child, no leftovers: $7.94

Cook the fries and sticks according to packaging directions. 

Warm taco shells last. Chop everything up as small or big and chunky as you like. Stuff the shells with 2 fish sticks each and veggies. 

Everyone here liked them. I really think it's the lemon juice squirted on the fish sticks and the avocado. That and the fact that fish sticks don't really taste like anything. My son just ate fish sticks, and we grown ups handled the taco shells. They were hard to deal with, since the shells didn't get greased up by the meat and thus softened. These stayed way crunchy and broke up a lot, but the shells were good again. The fries were kinda burned because I cooked them with the fish sticks, but most of them were great. Anyhow. Not a total failure of a dinner. And a great choice for a lenten abstinence meal. 

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