Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cocoa Balls - No Bake

This recipe comes from my friend Laura Serna. She brought them to our Superbowl party. I have made them twice since she gave me the recipe last week. I claim that I had to make them a second time in order to take pictures during the process...they're just so easy and delicious, I had no reason not to!

Ingredients & Prices
1/2 Cup Butter (1 stick) - $0.59
1/2 Cup Milk - $0.10
1/2 Cup Sugar - $0.13
5 Tbsp Cocoa powder - $0.33
1/2 Cup Coconut - $0.52
1 Cup Quick Oats - $0.09
About 2 Cups Pastry Flour (I used Best All Purpose the 2nd Time, Best Bread the first time)
Price for the All Purpose - $0.06

Total Cost of about 15 Tbsp Sized Balls - $1.82

Instructions from Laura

Add 1/2 Cup Butter, 1/2 Cup Milk, and 1/2 Cup Sugar to saucepan and boil for 1 minute.

After boiling for 1 minute, turn heat off and add cocoa and 1/2 cup coconut.
Next add 1 Cup Quick Oats and up to 2 Cups Pastry Flour. (It winds up being about 1 2/3 cups of all purpose flour). Refrigerate to harden.

I love these with coffee - especially hazelnut coffee.

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