Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Facts About Me and My Better Half - Betty Beguiles post

Alright, this is usually about food. Thus, as our lives tend to revolve around food/meals, I think this is appropriate.

My husband and I met in college - but we don't know when. 
I threw grass at him to let him know I liked him. 

He introduced me to some really great food. I had refused to eat Chinese food for so very long because of food poisoning in an egg roll from a convenience store. Thanks to my husband, I am a Hot & Sour Soup Lover. While in labor with my first, I was eating Hot & Sour soup and pacing. 

When I'm in labor, my husband is my strength. He taught me the Hail Mary in Latin before I had our first child. He taught it to me in Greek for the second.

We have been married for almost six years and have already lived in two of the most expensive cities in the country - and he's a grad student! We lived in New York City for a year and now outside of Washington, DC. 

On our first anniversary, we ate dinner at a place called Good Burger in Manhattan, where I thought I was in labor. That was the best burger ever. The milkshake. Oh. Yes.

We were both born in Texas. We both only applied to the school we ended up going to (and meeting at). We both considered applying to UChicago...and didn't.

I was a cradle Catholic, and he was confirmed a week before he proposed to me.

He proposed with a sonnet. He wrote it. And memorized it. And recited it. Where we had our first kiss. 

It is dangerous for him to ask me to do anything...because I would be happy to pick up and drive across the country at the drop of a hat.

For our second anniversary, he took me on a shopping spree...for kitchen stuff! Oh, it was heaven.


  1. #3! Where do I learn the latin Rosary? Do you know a good website?

  2. love #10 :) I played along too. Pop on over for a viist!

  3. I love this Janet! I also love that picture of you guys. It's so cute.

    I still remember the morning Lionel proposed to you! The news went around the cap bar like wildfire and then everyone sat there, anxiously sipping their iced mochas, waiting for you guys to show up so they could congratulate you. It was cute.

  4. Your proposal story is absolutely awesome! I can't wait to convert to Catholicism! You look like such a happy family!!

  5. I love the proposal story! And the shopping spree for kitchen stuff sounds like a dream. Awesome list!

  6. Elisa,

    This looks like it could be useful:

    But I highly recommend Fr. James Socías' Handbook of Prayers:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2c1304d622775efd

    I received one as a groomsman gift five years ago and I spent years carrying it around in my jacket pocket (until I memorized most of the daily ones).