Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yummy Midmorning Snack - Mary's German Oven Pancakes + Coffee

This is a recipe from my friend Mary, who I went to college with. See it here.

After mass this morning, I put the baby down for a nap and decided to make some kind of yummy snack. I thought about Mark's popovers, biscuits, or scones, and wound up with a crazy craving for Mary's German Oven Pancakes. Since they taste a lot like popovers but are way easier to make, they've become one of my favorite mid-morning snacks.

Sadly, I have but 3 eggs and no Nutella, so I will have to stick to 1 pan and confectioner's sugar. Alas. However, not because it needs it but just for fun, I decided to add in a Tbsp of sugar to the batter. Already, even as it bakes, I think that it would have been better to go with a tsp, if any. Oh, well. We'll see how it goes.
Ingredients & Prices
1/2 Cup Milk - ($3.19/gal) - $0.10
1/2 Cup Flour - (Bread Flour 5 lb bag - $2.25) - $0.06
3 Large Eggs - $0.47
dash salt - $0.01
2 T butter - $0.16
1 T sugar (not in recipe, insanely added by me) - $0.01
1 T (circa) Confectioner's Sugar topping - $0.03

Total Cost of Yummy Snack - $0.86
Plenty of snack for me & Stan

2 Tbsp Ground Hazelnut Coffee - $0.60
3 tsp Half&Half - $0.04
1/2 Cup Milk for Stan to drink (no coffee for four year olds!) - $0.10
Total Cost of Drinks: $0.74

Grand Total: $1.60


  1. Good Lord that's a lot of coffee!

  2. Yummy. This is baking as I type. Just the pick me up we need on a sick day. Cool blog, Janet!