Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday

See Jen for more QuickTakes!

I thought we had potatoes yesterday, but we didn't. A can of corn and some toast had to do to supplement our dinner of frozen Stuffed Peppers. Oye.

I considered doing top 7 kitchen utensils today, but I'm saving that one.

Also, I would like y'all readers to help me out. I use a few websites to aid my creativity in the kitchen. Have you got some good websites to share? 

Also, I am looking for an amazing recipe. That's all I'm saying. Got one? You can email it to me or post it below.

Does anyone use evaporated milk as cream in your coffee? I am researching this phenomenon. Also, anyone know of a fabulous capp. machine fixer guy who doesn't charge two arms and four legs? 

These are all really short and insanely random. But, that's quick takes, yes? I'm feeling very scattered today. I went to Mother's Group this morning and ate some amazing pumpkin bread. There was something magical going on with it. Thank you mother-maker. Yum.

I have some really exciting menu ideas for the coming week. I hope that y'all will keep checking back. I am pretty excited about this project. I love food. I've been thinking this is something I should do - find out exactly how much it costs to make a meal for my family, so I can consider that while at the store. I hope I'm being at least a tad helpful to others. :) Happy Friday!


  1. Tom likes He goes to the Advanced Search and enters a couple of items we have and it generates a list of recipes that include those ingredients.

  2. I love that garlic is now the top-frequency label for this site. Obviously Janet's website.

  3. hmm...
    I love to check out: (that might not be quite right)

    um....yeah...i guess I like food, too...

  4. Here is a recipe that I love and want to share with you but I'm not sure it meets the "amazing" criterion. It is delicious, simple, quick(ish), hearty, and - what is best - it reminds me of the zuppa in the mensa at Due Santi. Another bonus: it's meatless, so good for Fridays and for people like me who feel like barfing whenever raw meat is in the vicinity.

    Lentil Soup. We eat this with French bread and tons of Parmesan cheese on top.

  5. My husband and I have used evaporated milk for coffee (him) and tea (both of us). It's thicker and creamier tasting than regular milk but not as fattening as cream. It's delicious.