Monday, February 28, 2011

Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Normally, we make these and then eat them for dinner and tons of follow-up lunches. We had a birthday party yesterday, though, so we made them to enjoy for lunches this week, which means tacos for dinner tonight!

Ingredients & Prices
Pork (loin, shoulder, butt, whatever kind) - We used loin, as it was on sale. 3.6lbs - $7.20
1 Liter Root Beer (A&W this time, often Barques or off-brand) - $0.50
2 Cups BBQ Sauce (We used a 28Tablespoon container of Bull's Eye + what was left in a Kraft Bottle) - $1.75
Hamburger Buns - $2.20 for 16 (8 is not enough for 3 1/2 pounds of pork - probably need 2 8 packs - also, you could use sliced bread or nicer rolls - kaiser rolls are good...also, I made some awesome ones from my Farmer's Bread book - Perfect Buns - see my other blog's Beautiful Food post for a picture). I used those for this exact recipe back in September.

It's a ridiculously easy recipe. Lionel found it somewhere online, I believe, but I don't know where.
Put the pork into a slow-cooker and cover with Root Beer. Cook on low for 6 hours, turning once or twice. Drain and cut off excess fat (or don't - that is also fine). Put back in slow-cooker on warm. Break apart (pull) with a fork. Dump in all of the bbq sauce and stir.

It's ready. We use about 1/3 cup of pork per sandwich, on the hamburger buns. Probably more like 3/4 cup on kaiser rolls. You get about 12-14 sandwiches with this much meat. Last night Lionel and I both ate 1, he took 2 for lunch, Stan and I are eating 3 between us for lunch. So figure on lunch 3 times for 2 adults, 2 times for 1 kid. We add pickles, too.

Total Cost: $11.65 - That's less than $1.00 per sandwich! We've got McDonald's beat - plus, yummy.

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  1. Oh. Yum. That sounds divine. I'm totally making this. Thanks Janet!